Who am I?

Question that will keep echoing throughout life.

I still dont know answer to this question myself. And I doubt anyone will during their life time.

In my four decades on earth, I've learnt a lot of my being and my habits, but they keep changing over the periods of years and someone I was ten years ago, is simply not here anymore. Sure, the echoes & reminders of what I was, lingers in the memories of relatives and friends, but time changes us all, and for few this is more clear than to others.

In general, I'm sponging with the love to do good things for surroundings & prepare art from my observances of what is going around shaping the world. So far the results of what I did, has lead to me through challenges into a series of new curious accomplishments of life.

I am keeping on to that flow, hopefully it guides my path and teaches me more of what I need to know & I will be prepared for the next big journey.

I have a big love for all the people I've met on my journey & lot to share with the ones I'm destined to meet with.