Józef's Dolina


Józef's Dolina is an old farmsite in Krasnopol that is slowly being reconstructed to be a place for workshops, festivals and cultural events by it's owner Józef and his colleques. Project started realizing in summer 2017 and will be ongoing to unforseen future.

 Dolina is still far from being ready, but it is already in a condition to for staying nights and organizing events. Place has a great playback system for sound; including performing stage, set of huge speakers, mixers, microphones and even an excellent set of percussion for drummers. Charged with a positivite creative energy, it provides an excellent hideaway place for bands to prepare their next album in total peace.

Chlewnia Fest has now been organized 2nd time in the place and more festivals, workshops and good people are coming in the horizon.

 Below you can find gallery of pictures taken from the surroundings of the Dolina.

Message: Józef