Ideas, art, life.

Many ideas has been buzzing around in the antenna while been co-living with the d.o.b group. One of the wild ideas brewn in, is a psychedelic mix of a music, lights and masks. Yes, in the future Commander is set to co-organize a festival for those who want to take a pausa from current reality for awhile and let their energy loose through dancing, anonymously. Some day. In the meanwhile Commander has been on a ride; place he has been granted a visit this week struck him with such an immense wave of feelings that for awhile he had to collect his throughts of this reality. Otherwise, most of the days go by doing some chores (potatoes and stuff) around Dolina and having rather interesting discussions of life with Mariusz and Józef, the d.o.b club. For those interested of getting know to primal energy of music and dance I would like to highly recommend a djembe drum and circle of connected drummers. Once again, some pictures from along the way :)

And while being an art & work, we sometimes must work for our art, so here is different kind of art piece from Cuddling Company.

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