Up and running!

Cuddling Company has been travelling around a lot, we have gotten a first hand chance to experience lots of different kinds of habits of people, plants and animals, from separate parts of the globe. We often try to get more involved and gladly take part of some local event to get deeper understanding of what is going on locally. More cuddling equals less problems! Cuddling company's main goal is to spark little light where ever we happen to be interacting with others; we enjoy being both; useful and helpful. Our art services is our way to try to fund our journeys while on the road. We are accustomed to do lots of different kind of things; Woodwork, painting, construction, car mechanics, farm work, just to point out few. We really want to experience life in its fullest and that requires taking quite a few steps in many life paths and professions. If you happen to know that we are around your area and you have something in mind or need help with, please dont be a stranger, just send us a message and we will answer asap. Sincerely, CC

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