Long time have passed.

Over a year without update to a page.. All I can say, that it has again been such a ride, that the times that I wanted to update my blog feed, I was either too hurry or too tired from working physically or mentally.

This is a very quick update of what's going on: I have started to monetize my art through or nowadays called DeSo (Decentralized Social media protocol). I have put lot of effort and work to start really becoming one of the most well known DeSo artist during the next 10 years and if you want to keep up with web 3.0 development on social and NFTs, I strongly advice you to take an advance become an early creator. Place is far from being perfect, it has a lot of scamming accounts and for example #hastags are currently missing, but it has been built from the scratch to scale and serve billions of web 3.0 users that are to come. Plus compared to other platforms where you can "mint" NFTs, it is dirt cheap and best option, since you can earn dividens from your art sales; Let's say you can mint your digital art piece for 0.01$ and put it on sale, let's say bout 100$. You can only put % earnings if your art piece has a second market sale, which is absolutely bonkers & no other platform offers such an option. This is like enjoying dividens from stocks, but instead it's from NFTs. Absolutely mad! If you want to take part and earn extra 25$. Verificate yourself in DeSo after using following link and that 25$ is yours (it's infinite promotion!).

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