Next Level lato.

As spring evolves towards summer, fallout of various things are starting to settling in to their rightful places. Commander has been busy doing a wide variety things, got some new bruises along the process, met some new (craaazty) people, survived winter in Poland.

Now, as summer is just behind corner, it's time to drop the all the winter heaviness & start embracing fresh summer winds. And there are some pretty wiild ideas brewing in Podlaskie region.

DO you love music & the move, love the trance stages of tribal drumming, like the taste of good pimpr?

I do.

That's why has launched an idea of a project "lato lato"; Rave & Djembe workshop for all day, all night! For limited amount of people. Strickly invitation only based tickets & secret location informed week before the actual happening.

Commander still needs to finish making next years winter woods, fix stuff around, mess stuff around & there (of course) are still quite a few changing factors in play, but the energy is building strong & needs to be released!

So if you are interested of some wild summer nights with good people & energy, keep the lato close to your soul and head over our telegram channel to check some nice exclusive videos, also latest info will be there first.

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