Poland & Potatoes

Once again, enough time has passed since the last update to CC blog. Commander has been quite busy helping around here and there, mostly doing some gardening and reconstruction jobs around Krasnopol and Jodelizski. Winter is approaching steadily and this time it seems that Cuddling Company plans to face it in Poland. It will be first time & totally new experience for Commander. Easy task a guy coming from a north, some would say, but big part of the reason to escape Finland lies in the winter time and specially the lack of the sun during it, not the coldness.. Surviving Finnish winter is tied personal sauna's and very good insulation in houses, which prevents families freezing to death. This winter Commander relies to his good friendships in Poland and hopes that his ability to work is enough for some warm and cozy place now and then.. and the fact that winter should be shorter around here :) In the meanwhile I was asked by a Piotr (who did great job being organizator of Chlewnia , plus did lots of heavy shoveling in Josef's Dolina, BIG THANKS!) to post a video where I would be saying something.. I must say that I am not so much of a front-of-a-camera-person, but here it comes now; me and potatoes for winter. (ps. anyone wants to get super ekological and tasty potatoes, just contact me and we can probably arrange it ;))

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