Raahe in photographs winter 2020

Town in hibernating mode. That is how it feels like when walking around in neighbourhoods of Raahe in winter. Town's streets are quite active in summer times, when there are markets and even some festivals in the area. The winter otherhand, feels like a direct brutal slap of harsh reality right in the middle of face. Breeze of wind chills your bones while sun keeps hiding mode on, most of the time. It's pure mental survival mode engaged since september for commander personally. Of course there is still life going on, but it's well burrowed and mostly hidden inside of work places, organizations and pubs. Here life just feels harsher in winter, especially for those who have had their taste of vivid cultures with warmness of sun during winter time, which includes me. Still, walking around with camera and trying to make the best of it :) Here comes some Raahe in pictures from it's original dweller, who was born and raised here.

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