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It's been silent here recently. Most of my time goes with actual wood works, need to cut woods for next winter and chop chop. It's a lotta wood for 4 houses. Then the rest of my time, as my art is still not making any kind of profits, I ve started educating myself fully on trading #crypto. That seems to be the way in modern world, where businesses are closed gradually and people are losing their money even to be able hire & support each other. Anyway, dozens of sleepless nights, chart analytics, observing psychological behaviour (of myself mostly) I must say it has been still worth it and I've learned quite a lot & I think this is my thing for future.

And yes, here in the actual homepage I will be doing only a little, so if you truly want to keep up with my latest art or receive my crypto craziness, just hit the follow on twitter page.

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