Roadtrip to Kuopio

Ferry crossing from Oulujärvi, Alasalmi.

Finally had a good change to have a few nights testdrive trip inside Finland with our trusty & rusty old volkswagen t3, who is supposed to carry us long way south later in this year. Oh boy, it was hard at first to even decide which way to go, but since I've been by seaside already for sometime, I made decision to head east, more inlands, eventually ending up in beautiful nature rich city of Kuopio. Below you can see an artistic sketch of my roadmap.

On my trip I was spending also time with my camera and actually got some nice short video capture of some chilled ducklings by water.

Weather was perfect all the time and people enjoyed summer days by swimming and spending time outdoors.

Above youngsters enjoying their holiday by water, doing some tricks. Below elderly lady having a day walk with her small dog.

Spent one full day just walking around in Kuopio, taking few pictures and just enjoying the atmosphere of the town, which seems much more chilled compared of that in Raahe. While in Kuopio I decided to spent one night in camping area of Rauhalahti, just because of their awesome 2-hour morning sauna and swim combo possibility, which really is awesome! Would recommend to anyone this kind of morning ritual :)

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