Summer 2020 (Yeah, its pretty much gone now)

It has been some time since the last update in Cuddling Company blog. The reason sums up in this:

Yes, it shines like dog's balls (quoting Ada, the queen of Cuddling Company here) Never understood the reference, maybe cause I havent been checking dog's balls, who knows?

So it happens to be, that our beloved moving HQ a.k.a VW T3 went through shapeshift, or atleast a colorshift. Commander finally decided to step up & interrupt the on going rusting and went through the body and polished, patched and painted the car like a madman. It took around 60 super active working hours, plus all the hazzle around it (1 month together). Ain't gonna lie; It was heavy and tiring work, but now later, looking at result, totally worth it. On top of this there were quite many mechanic fixes to be done with gears, pipes (new exhaust and all) and rusty stuck nuts (fuck those bastards) and it's far from over. Next thing on the fix list is the slipping clutch, which started painfully right after the test drives in the mist of celebrating the success of all the previous work. On top of the whole car improving operation, there has been some tasty berries to pick and transforming them into tasty jam jam's.

And of course other things keeping commander super buzy, like going to 3-shift metal factory work and doing other fancy activities like cleaning and taking care of shopping stuff for the elderly etc. Autumn is already close and Commander's work in Finland is coming to an end. Virus affecting traveling and causing new protocols on borders all around, future seems little bit of hazy on the matter what it is going to be for the next winter season.

Can Commander get to Poland HQ at all? Has Queen found herself a new cuddling company in the meanwhile? All this remains to be seen in the future.. We are living exiting times, where extraordinary things become a new normal, who knows what will happen? In the meanwhile, some pictures of cloudberries and car painting progress, since thats all for this summer folks.

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