We went black.

Our homepage went through little refreshment, from white to black. Something new for the time being. Aim was to make blog pages to lead little faster with only one blog in one page, just because videos have a bad habit of loading slower, this making whole pages also load slower. Hopefully it's little better now. Cuddling Company has been stationed now sometime at Josef's Dolina, working, cooking & playing with Jôsef & Mario. Commander has also been taking a dip into Polish culture of drinkin vodka, making his new personal records of consumption of this heritage lately. Visitors come and go through Dolina, sharing moments and strong energy while enjoying the echoes of drum beats on fields of Krasnopol & gasping the beauty of clear night sky with blinking stars. In this weekend the spirits of Dolina were also invited to Sauna in Giby area. Such a sweet experience it was; Collecting all the heat for bones and taking refreshing dives into clear lake while having super good sauna company and music. This is a good moment to continue journey into unkwnown.

Short clip of Jôsef & Mario playing some beats.

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