After 23 years learning experience of Djembe crafting, Mariusz skills in crafting has reached a point where a true passion throws high five with expertise. This beautiful Djembe is carefully handcrafted from the very beginning by Mariusz, in a co-operation with Józef's & his workshop.

The solid and accurate way of braiding allows easy drum tuning later. Mariusz carefully placed a protective rubber on the foot of Djembe, to prevent scratching, giving drum a sturdy footage and smooth sound. The ashwood drum is made of, is protected with high-quality oil-wax, leaving drum's epic natural look untouched while adding a protection layer against changing conditions.

Ashwood Djembe

300,00 €Price
  • Word from the maker:

    Protect the leather from water and do not wear any jewellery or sharp objects when playing or handling the drum. 

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