In a need of a land caretaker?

We have worked in farm caretaking, reconstruction, bakery and forestworks in Poland. We did also some voluntery works in land shaping and property caretaking projects in rocky areas of Algarve. Recently we have been occupied with elderly care & metal process work in Finland.

Working & travelling

In past we have been very lucky to co-operate with many warm hearted and truly unique people & projects. Now, in year 2020, we will again be on the road towards southern parts of Europe, looking for new inspirational places to work and help in.

We also do photography, designs, short animations, videos, prints for the love of life, music and art in general. If you are interested ordering album covers etc. just contact us directly in our telegram channel.

If you want to know more or maybe have something in mind please just contact us, we will be chill about it.

Sincerely, T & A
Cuddling Company.
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